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[zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”1945″ link=”″]”Three former leaders of the FCC are investing in RapidSOS, a startup that seeks to solve one of 911’s biggest problems: Operators often can’t see the exact location of cellphone callers.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10366″ link=”″]”What used to take 90 seconds now takes one second with RapidSOS.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10388″ link=””]”[RapidSOS] gave officers and operators an exact location. Police said officers arrived and saved the woman.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10391″ link=””]”…his kayak capsized, dumping him into turbulent 56-degree waters. Despite drifting off further into the ocean, [RapidSOS] helped rescuers to find his exact location.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10396″ link=”″]”Dispatchers were able to locate both people by plugging their cellphone numbers into RapidSOS [Portal]. Rescue personnel found each of the callers within yards of the coordinates provided through the technology.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”1941″ link=””]“In an emergency, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Now, [RapidSOS] is quietly revolutionizing the emergency response system.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10478″]”[RapidSOS] pinpointed the callers’ location so dispatch could stay in contact with her while help was on the way. Officers then located the hiker and provided medical attention. The hiker is expected to make a full recovery.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10397″ link=””]”Unable to relay his address to 911, [the caller] was located with moments to spare. The dispatcher used Android ELS data, available through the RapidSOS Clearinghouse…to pinpoint [the caller’s] location and dispatch help.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10370″ link=””]”RapidSOS provides tools to access and operationalize emergency health and medical information, vehicle telematics, multimedia, building sensor data, and more.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10390″ link=””]”A man and woman were stranded in the Wolf River after their kayak capsized. Emergency crews quickly found and rescued them after they called 911 thanks to RapidSOS technology.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10411″ link=””]”The RapidSOS system gave [dispatchers] a possible location. A police officer went to the area and was able to find the woman.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10376″ link=””]”[RapidSOS] is helping us locate callers who either don’t know their location or for callers where we may need to verify that information…seconds count, and location is the key piece we need.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10368″ link=”″]”RapidSOS built a platform that takes data from smart products, mobile apps and security systems and shares it with emergency services.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10389″ link=””]”Through use of the RapidSOS, Roswell communications officers were able to assist in pinpointing the victim’s location. Officers entered the residence…and rendered aid to the victim.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”13005″ link=””]”Using RapidSOS technology… not only did dispatchers see the right address, but once it even specifically showed [the caller] was in the northwest corner of the building. It did that before the dispatcher even picked up the call.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10377″ link=””]”Uber announced increased safety measures in 2018, including a partnership with RapidSOS, a company that sends a rider’s location and relevant information to a local police agency when the rider uses the emergency button in the Uber app.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10378″ link=””]”…The 911inform cloud-based platform automatically delivers maps, building data, video feeds and access to important facility via a RapidSOS link to a public-safety answering point when a 911 call is made from an enterprise location.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10395″ link=””]”[The caller] also said he didn’t know his address. Johnson said [RapidSOS] was key to pinpointing the location of the call and ultimately four small kids found living in filth.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10379″ link=””]”When Uber’s in-app emergency button is used, the information is sent digitally to the RapidSOS interface, which a dispatcher can then access once a caller indicates they are using the Uber service.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7529″ link=””]Any Android user in a RapidSOS-covered area will have their location sent, regardless of which carrier they’re on.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”10385″ link=””]“RapidSOS, designed to give a more specific location for cell phone calls to 911, gave [dispatchers] a possible location. A police officer went to the area and was able to find the woman.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7500″ link=””]“Any 911 center with access to the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse will automatically receive faster and more accurate device-based caller location data for 911 calls from Android devices.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”1942″ link=””]”Now when a 911 center receives a call from a device using RapidSOS’s technology, the dispatcher’s software asks the RapidSOS database for more data.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7561″ link=””]”The result is a system that dramatically increases the information available to dispatchers, accelerating response times, and saving lives”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7510″ link=””]”Apple is teaming up with RapidSOS to include a new way to transfer location data to 911 call centers over the internet, building on the current system which was developed for landlines and uses older, phone-based data.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”1940″ link=””]”Currently, emergency services can determine the location of an iPhone caller via a technology called Hybridized Emergency Location. RapidSOS’s system will increase the precision considerably.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7561″ link=””]”RapidSOS works directly with 911 centers and carriers such as Apple, Google and Android to pump location data from phones directly into the emergency call centers.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7536″ link=””]”Through this partnership, all 911 centers connected to RapidSOS’s 911 clearinghouse will receive live data from Waze…allow[ing] them to respond more quickly.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7574″ link=””]”The software we have through RapidSOS pings your cell phone the same way that Uber would, Dominos Pizza, any of those other apps that provide services directly to your location.[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”7536″ link=””]”A tie-in with RapidSOS will automatically share your location [from the Uber app] with 911 dispatchers”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”12351″ link=””]”Police used advanced technology and a drone to quickly locate the woman. RapidSOS provided a direct data link from connected devices and GPS coordinates for the drone.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”12353″ link=”″]”In addition to creating a text message to 911 operators, [Uber] also automatically sends them location information through a system called RapidSOS used in more than 60 cities across the country.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”12355″ link=””]”[With Jurisdiction View], we can see the caller moving, which we have not had historically, and we can start to make different decisions based on what we’re looking at.We can go to different views to get environmental cues that can help us make some different decisions.”[/zoom_box][zoom_box target=”_blank” image=”12363″ link=””]”This new function not only shares important ride information with police on your command, but it also allows dispatch to track your exact location for the duration of your ride.”[/zoom_box]

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