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Link Your PERS/Wearable Device Directly to 9-1-1

Send health, medical, and profile information to first responders to
speed up response when every second counts.alarms.

Protect your users every step of the way

Speed up response times

Send precise location, health, and profile data
to 9-1-1 when an adverse event is detected.

Protect users at all times

Give your users peace of mind with a discreet connection to 9-1-1 or emergency contacts.

Stand out from the crowd

Set your device apart by offering a direct link to
9-1-1 and first responders when it matters most.

How it Works

Wearable device detects an event
or user triggers an alert for help.

Data is sent directly to 9-1-1 or a trusted monitoring partner through RapidSOS.

Location, health, and profile data
instantly arrives on 9-1-1 center screens.


A Powerful Digital Connection to Emergency Services

A suite of APIs and monitoring solutions power customized emergency response for any connected device. Connect your devices to 9-1-1 with RapidSOS – the only emergency response platform directly linked into every major public safety software system.

“The invisaWear charm sends out an emergency alert to your designated contacts with your exact location. It also can help you or your contacts connect to the nearest 911 dispatcher.”

RapidSOS x invisaWear: Empowering the Aesthetics of Safety

invisaWear, wearable panic jewelry, teamed up with RapidSOS to power
their emergency call feature.

Let’s Transform User Safety and Security

Improve emergency outcomes with rich data

Expedite the emergency response process

Simplify emergency connectivity with a digital integration